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Who we are

Since we like to work closely together with our clients, it might be important to get to know us a bit better. Therefore, we would like to introduce ourselves:

The design team of Studio Gekko consists of founders ir. S.Y. Stolp and T.R.S. van Koolwijk.
We first came in contact with each other at the beginning of our study Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology in 2005. Since then we worked together on many different projects for the university.

During our study, in 2011, we both participated in a design workshop in Hong Kong for a couple of months where we gained new insights of design and on design methods. Also next to our study we took on work as freelance designers.

Since graduation we took the step to register at the Chamber of Commerce at Delft as Studio Gekko. This transition felt natural, because most projects we did in the past already were approached from a design agency's perspective.
As a design agency, Studio Gekko thus might be rather new, however as a design team we already possess over the necessary experience.

Sharon-Dewi Stolp
For as long as I can remember, I like to be creative with many different kinds of mediums. I particularly like to create for others, that's why I decided to move from Purmerend to Delft to study Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University, and, now I'm graduated, to start my own design agency.
I also find it interesting to look at a subject from different perspectives and cultural backgrounds. I therefore took on the opportunity to study abroad during my Master-program Integrated Product Design.

What I like to do the most is designing beautiful, yet meaningful products. Products that can help people to reach their goal, or in which people can find comfort.
What intrigues me about design is the fact that it potentially has the power to cause a huge impact on peoples' life. I find pleasure and satisfaction in knowing that I positively influenced the life of others with my designs. My ambition therefore is to design products that fulfil consumer needs and improve their quality of life.

It is my vision that all industrial engineers should put in effort to create a better future with their designs.

For more details on my educational and professional background I refer to my linkedin-page*.

Tim van Koolwijk
I'm curious of nature and from a young age I always wanted to find out how things worked by taking it apart and try to put it back together again. Because of this interest I decided to move from Nijmegen to Delft to study Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University.
I'm also interested in cultural differences and in ways to communicate technical information with non-technical persons. Therefore I've been abroad for study purposes on different occasions and chose to follow the Master-program Science Communication and Education, next to the Master-program Integrated Product Design.

I believe that design should service people, improve and add value to their lives and even make them feel happy or privileged to use a product.
Design should always be adapted to the user's needs. It needs to fit the context of its usage. A bad design can be the cause of needless frustration, irritation and misuse.

I like to design because it has the potential to change the world, one product at a time.

For more details on my educational and professional background I refer to my linkedin-page*.