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The name 'GoodLook' derives from the Cantonese 'luk(轆)', which means wheel. The name, hinting to the appearance and the functionality, therefore takes on two different meanings depending on which language is used.
The GoodLook expands upon the traditional shopping cart to become an all-purpose cart that can be used in a variety of contexts, whether it be the market, the university, or around the home. The GoodLook is designed to assist the user in their daily activities and to be easily stored in the home.

The cart's large wheels allow it to go over bumpy sidewalks and up curbs. A pedometer in the handle of the cart shows the user how much they have walked in a given day which encourages the user to stay active. The GoodLook is stable enough to support the weight of its user, allowing for the user to lean on the cart for rest. The handle folds down providing a perch for the user to lean on. When the user is in the supermarket and can't reach the highest shelf on their own, they can use the stability-block as a step.

The GoodLook allows for the user to customize their own cart with different styles of bags that can be attached and taken off easily. The bags are attached to the cart using a series of hooks. The bags are constructed of waterproof fabric which keeps the user's goods safe from the elements and allows the bags to be washed easily. When unattached, the bags can be used on their own. With the bags detached, the cart is able to fold down into a much smaller size allowing it to be stored easily in the compact Chinese homes when not in use.

Product Category
Transportation Device

Target group
Chinese elderly

July 2011