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This remote control was the result of a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultured, design project at the polytechnic University in Hong Kong. The concept is based on our findings after a month of intense research, visiting senior homes in China and interviewing elderly citizens in Hong Kong.

Based on the insights, this remote control was created to facilitate everyday life in the household. The remote control is intended to be simple, intuitive and inclusive (caters to all generations), with one button that acts as a substitute for the basic functions of a domestic appliance. The one button design enables the elderly target group to intuitively control all remote controllable devices in their homes. The appliances that the remote can be used on are: television, air purifier, humidifier, fan, air conditioning, heater and sound system. The remote control is able to turn on/off an appliance, while also changing the frequency and intensity of the set appliance. The design is made out of three components: the remote, nodes (receivers) and a docking station for charging.

To use this product, each node first has to be installed for the relevant domestic appliance. This can be done by removing the back cover of the remote and placing the node inside it. By pressing the big blue button on top of the remote, while aiming at the relevant appliance, the node is installed. When the node is then placed near the appliance, a connection is made between the remote and the appliance. By tilting the remote to the left, to the right, upwards or downwards, while pointing in the direction of the appliance, the user is able to control the appliance intuitively from a distance. Multiple nodes can be installed for different appliances and to charge the remote, it needs to be placed on the docking station.

Product Category
Domestic Appliance, Handheld

Target group
Chinese elderly

July 2011