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Key element in this vacuum cleaner for the Chinese market is the recycled air suction system, in which air passes through the inside in cyclonic motion. This device reuses the excess kinetic energy left in the air when leaving the exhaust and blows it back into the intake. The cyclonic separation system filters out the dust and small litter.
The difference between this vacuum cleaner and other cyclonic cleaners is that the cleaned air is send back in the intake after the cycle is complete. Because of this, the required energy can be diminished by 80%.

There are three configurations in which this product can be used: as an air purifier, as a handheld vacuum cleaner for quick convenient usages and connected to the power grid with long tubing for more comfort while cleaning large flooring surfaces.
In this last modus the super-heated steam function can be applied, to remove more than 99.99% of bacteria.

Product Category
Domestic Appliance, Handheld

Target group
Eastern females

January 2010