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The ComfiCook is a multi-functional kitchen appliance, designed for western seniors with the age of 70+. With this product they can prepare and cook dinner for two. The preparation includes actions that need human power in order to operate. Using human power in an electrical domestic appliance has a couple of advantages; They gain more control over the process, it makes cooking more fun, they get a healthy exercise without even noticing and they decrease the electrical energy usage.

The main functions of the ComfiCook are:

- Slicing vegetables
By rotating the handle, the slicing blades will also rotate. When food is being pushed into the input tube, the vegetables will get sliced.

- Cooking food
On the inside of the ComfiCook, underneath the pan, there is a heating element located which is connected to the electricity net.

- Timer
When the timer button turns back to zero, an alarm goes off and the heating element will be automatically cut off from the electricity net.

- Straining food from water
Inside the pan there is a silicone strainer which can be taken out with the food. The strainer can also be divided into two compartments.

- Mashing potatoes and vegetables
By rotating the two handles, the masher will move up and down. The potatoes will get mashed and mingled with the vegetables.

- Exercising
Rotating the handles is a way of healthy exercising. Doing this daily exercise during cooking will help the seniors stay in a better shape.

- Dinner plate
The glass lid can be used as a dinner plate, to eat their meal from. This way they will reduce the amount of dishes that need to be washed.

Product Category
Domestic Appliance

Target group
Western seniors of 70+

January 2010