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Most standard, existing rice packages cause some irritation in usage. Especially concerning opening the packaging and pouring out the rice. To overcome these annoyances this innovative rice packaging has been designed.
The rice is packed in the cardboard box, which in turn is packed in a box made of clear plastic sheet material. The top half of the cardboard box is embossed at both sides, what makes the surface stick out equally to the surface of the plastic box. Here consumers can get a good grip on the cardboard box and slide it smoothly out of the plastic box.

Through the holes at the side, which gradually will be exposed, consumers can pour measured amounts of rice. The consumer also receives quantitative feedback through the see-through side. Before purchase the visible rice can be inspected and after usage at home it can be seen how much rice is still left.
The packaging is provided with a tamper evident seal at the side to ensure the consumer that the packaging is never been opened before.

On the packaging net of the inner cardboard box a stylistic, abstract graphics are printed. With a minimal amount of colours and details it’s made apparent that the packaging contains rice.
Because this packaging is designed according to the measurements that are most efficient for transport and storing on the shelves at super markets.

Product Category

Target group
Shoppers at supermarkets

June 2010