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The name LINC stands for Live Infrared Navigation Controller. With this device the surgeon becomes able to control the monitors within the Operation Room himself. This device is commissioned by Personal Space Technologies B.V. and interacts with their optical tracking system.

This measurement system includes a PST (tracker) that can detect LINC in 3D space by emitting infrared light, which the retro reflective markers on the product bounce back to the camera's of the emitter. Because more than three markers form a rigid-body target, it is possible to determine LINC's position and orientation through geometric triangulation.

When a clicking finger is being pressed, the upper marker will disappear and a marker that is hidden behind the cross-shaped front surface will appear. When this marker transformation is detected by the optical tracking system, a command is send to the computer and a "mouse click" action is performed on the monitor.

Product Category
Medical Device, Handheld

Target group
Medical Professionals

May 2011


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