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This electric scooter design is based on a modular system. The benefit of a modular system is that it becomes possible to create many model variations with a little amount of different parts. Consumers can chose for themselves which front- and back module they want to assemble to their scooter to fulfil their needs. The scooter targets the Spanish population and contributes to sustainable, urban mobility.

This scooter is all about user comfort and ease. The battery pack is housed in a trolley, which is accessible from the side of the scooter. When the lid is automatically opened, the battery trolley can smoothly be slide out to the ground over a rail system. The battery of 20kgs is located as low as possible within the scooter, which contributes to the driving behaviour.

The unambiguous interface on the touch screen in the cockpit offers the driver a lot of information and can be used to control certain functions of the scooter.
The shell of the two-seater back module is designed with stylish dents in the side that offer comfort to the legs of the second passenger. Feet supports can be pulled out of the tubes that are welded onto the frame to give further support.

The two-seater back module has seats that revolve around a cylindrical tube that stores an umbrella. The back seat can be fixated in an upward position, turning the two-seater in an one-seater with back support. When the textile cover is used to seal up the back compartment, more storage space is created. Together with the storage compartments in the front, the amount of storage space the scooter offers is one of its unique selling points.

Product Category
Transportation Device

Target group
Spanish females 20-30yrs

February 2011